I am not a professional photographer, that much may be obvious. I do however believe that in the majority of cases, the illustrations used provide a fair and accurate representation of the coin on offer. There are important exceptions though, and try as I might, I have been unable to give an accurate representation of the detail on many of the obverses of Edward VII and George V. The problem appears to be that the detail defining the beard and hair of these two monarchs is so fine that without specialist lighting equipment, the camera fails to pick it up. 

Difficulties occur too with circulated copper and bronze where the camera confuses tone and contour giving a flat image lacking in detail. Also, the fact that coins are blown up to maybe ten times their normal size tends to emphasize any marks or blemishes on the surface thus in many cases, making them look less appealing than they really are.

That said however, the majority are perfectly satisfactory – just bear this information in mind when viewing the images.